Great Journeys Series

By snurfson / Posted on 21 December 2010

The Great Journey Series published by Penguin Group follows a huge time-span, from Herodotus, the earliest of great historians, to Ryszard Kapuscinski. Great journeys are the insatiable crossings in every continent – the reader will travel from the Antarctic to Siberia, from California to Sri Lanka.

Great Journeys allows readers to travel both around the planet and back through the centuries – but also back into ideas and worlds frightening, ruthless and cruel in different ways from our own. Few reading experiences can begin to match that of engaging with writers who saw astounding things: Great civilizations, walls of ice, violent and implacable jungles, deserts and mountains, multitudes of birds and flowers new to science. Reading these books is to see the world afresh, to rediscover a time when many cultures were quite strange to each other, where legends and stories were treated as facts and in which so much was still to be discovered.

Great Journeys book cover - Snakes with Wings & Gold-digging Ants

Great Journeys book cover - From The Meadows of Gold

Great Journeys book cover - The Customs of the Kingdoms of India

Great Journeys book cover - Piracy, Turtles & Flying Foxes

Great Journeys book cover - To the Holy Shrines

Great Journeys book cover - In the Heart of the Amazon Forest

Great Journeys book cover - Borneo, Celebes, Aru

Great Journeys book cover - Grimsby to the Metropolis







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