Wasted all the time

By skiour / Posted on 28 November 2010

Less Than Zero

Time, time, time
See what’s become of me

Time, time, time
See what’s become of me
While I looked around
For my possibilities

I was so hard to please

Look around,
Leaves are brown,
And the sky
Is a hazy shade of winter

Hear the salvation army band
Down by the riverside
It’s bound to be a better ride
Than what you’ve got planned
Carry a cup in your hand
And look around, leaves are brown
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter

Hang on to your hopes my friend
That’s an easy thing to say
But if your hopes should pass away
Simply pretend
That you can build them again

Look around,
Grass is high,
Fields are ripe,
It’s the springtime of my life

Less Than Zero - Clay

Seasons change with the scenery
Weaving time in a tapestry
Won’t you stop and remember me

Look around,
Leaves are brown,
And the sky
It’s a hazy shade of winter

Look around,
Leaves are brown,
There’s a patch of snow on the ground

Hazy Shade of Winter as sang by The Bangles

Less Than Zero - Blair

Blair: Well, there’s more.

Clay: I’m here.

Blair: I think Julian’s in a lot of trouble.

Clay: Julian?

Blair: I didn’t know who else to call.

Less Than Zero - Blair

Clay: I can think of 500 people downstairs.

Blair: No, he’s in trouble.

Clay: Old trouble or new trouble?

Blair: He disappears and comes back like nothing happened.

He’s wasted all the time.

Clay: Julian’s been doing that since he was 10.

Less Than Zero - Blair talking to Clay

Blair: No, he gets really sick.

It’s not like you remember. Talk to him.

Clay: I didn’t come home to talk to Julian.

Blair: Please.

Clay: I got to go.

Less Than Zero - Blair talking to Clay



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  1. Mahmud Hadi'djinidad says,

    From which film did you get the stills from? Looks 80s something, but I can’t recognise it.


    on 13 December 2010 / 6:21 PM

    • skiour says,

      A great book and amazing movie….
      Less Than Zero!


      on 14 December 2010 / 12:21 AM

      • Mahmud Hadji'dinijad says,

        Cool! I’ll check it out.


        on 16 December 2010 / 9:15 AM

  2. liz says,

    The song was written by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle, a duo who performed as Simon and Garfunkle in 1960’s. They got their widest audience when Mike Nichols used their songs for the soundtrack of “The Graduate”.


    on 16 May 2011 / 10:07 PM

    • skiour says,

      Thanks liz… I really love Simon & Garfunkel… but The Bangles’ cover of the song is awesome too and using it in the beginning titles of the movie was genious! 80s awesomeness.


      on 16 May 2011 / 10:14 PM


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