In search of spirals in my ear

In search of spirals in my ear

Description: In this figure are shown the winding passages of the ear (the labyrinth of the ear). The middle part of it (v) is the ...

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what is the organ for our sense of time?

"And how long does that take?" Hans Castorp turned around to ask.

Joachim raised seven fingers.

"Seven minutes must be up by now."

Joachim shook his head. After a while he took the thermometer out of his mouth, looked at it, and said, "Yes, when you pay close attention to it - time, I mean - it goes very slowly. I truly like measuring my temperature four times a day, ...

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Andrew McAttee Paintings

Andrew McAttee Paintings

Paintings by Andrew McAttee
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A Great Discoverer

To uncover the rhythm of the common things, of everyday matter, slow moving yet inwardly exuberant.
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