Looking for Snails on a Sunday Afternoon by Rudolf Kurz

By snurfson / Posted on 21 November 2010

`The prints depict fantastic scenes of erotic masquerades and anthropomorphic animals, sometimes fanciful and sometimes frightening. Published by the Porcupine’s Quill, known for its excellent presswork, Looking for Snails on a Sunday Afternoon is beautifully and cleverly designed and printed, with foldout plates of larger etchings, repeated details of the work throughout the book, and a playful approach to typography. Detailed and dense, rich in their blue and sepia tones, the etchings demand a close look; looking is, as the author notes in the introduction, “a good thing. It needs time and concentration. One can look inwards or outwards. In this book we will look inwards — at the landscape inside.” As the evocative title suggests, Looking for Snails on a Sunday Afternoon is about spending time focusing on the disturbing and pleasurable images inside.’

Review of the book by Allison Sivak Canadian Book Review Annual.

The 'Woman from the Sea' has just emerged from the water. She has very soft skin underneath her armour. She is riding a strange creature, a horse- lobster- fish thing.

Snails taking flight.

An old (male) tree / elephant / man wandering through a snowy landscape and dreaming of women.

This book was short listed for ‘Best Bookdesign from All over the World 2006’ at the Frankfurt and Leipzig Book Fairs.

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