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African art

By skiour / Posted on 29 January 2011

The Inevitable - Ibrahim Mohammed El-Salahi; India Ink on 9 panels, together 209 x 238 inches

The Inevitable - Ibrahim Mohammed El-Salahi

Goniwe - Willie Bester; Oil,enamel paint and mixed mediums on board 49 1/4 X 49 1/4 inches

Goniwe - Willie Bester

Semekazi - Willie Bester; Oil, wood, metal, plastic and leather on board

Semekazi - Willie Bester

Hamba Kahle - Willie Bester; Oil, wood, metal, plastic and leather on board

Hamba Kahle - Willie Bester





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  1. Espacios says,

    i thinks that this art work is like a abtscart type painting, the techniques that the painter used was, the collisions of the colors, the colors that he/she put was in a way i think is very good, because the colors are attacking each other. the elements and principals that the painter used are, line,shape,form,unity,space. i think these are the ones because the painter showed all these things and as well making it obvious. i think this was a great piece because the colors makes me feel good in a way, its really good to look at. Some thing to improve on is to lessen the green because it looks like that the green is dominant, but i would rather like it if all the colors are even.


    on 19 August 2012 / 6:17 AM


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