My youth in Arcadia

By skiour / Posted on 06 February 2011

Captain Harlock, Space Pirate Captain Herlock or Albator.

For the 30’s-plus these names might ring a bell. This animated series was something more than an awesome combination of pirates, spaceships, big-eyed girls and Japanese drama; it was a cult.

For 8 year old boys it was experience, dreaming, wishing and learning. Not only cool, but, like most anime of the time, dealt with a lot of issues; like keeping a promise when everyone else considers you immoral, falling in love with the enemy, dealing with guilt, being a lonely wolf and death – just happing too often.

The outcast from the prosperous society, who then, becomes the hero at the time of need. Saving humanity for the promise of just one person.

Garish violence and death, the occasional nudity, dark and obscure at times seems like a far-cry from the age of, the now, dumbed-down entertainment.

Make no mistake; this was a huge production. With the Tokyo Philharmonic playing the opening song you knew right off that something big was starting and you were ready to give it all for friendship, love and promise… even if you don’t show it. But most ‘lypophrenic’ of all… the haunting ocarina song still brings ‘goosebumps’.

I know at least of one boy that really wished he became like the captain, scar and all.





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