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Tokihiro Sato: Photo-Respiration

Tokihiro Sato: Photo-Respiration

The Photo-Respiration series is Sato's best known body of work consisting two sub-streams, Breathing Light and Breathing Shadows. In order to create these photographs, Sato ...

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Art in Nature


Bavarian artist Nils-Udo has been working directly with nature since 1972 creating site-specific pieces using natural materials.

Artist Statement:  Towards Nature

Sketching with flowers. Painting with clouds. Writing with water. Tracing the May wind, the path of a falling leaf.

Working for a thunderstorm. Awaiting a glacier. Bending the wind. Directing water and light. The May-green call of the cuckoo and the invisible trace of its flight. Space.

The cry ...

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Rendezvous in the forest

Rendezvous in the forest

Henri Rousseau
Rendezvous in the Forest, 1889

Forest Pictures: Filled with both enchantment and menace, one of Rousseau’s earliest work introduced mysterious images of costumed ...

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A Great Discoverer

To uncover the rhythm of the common things, of everyday matter, slow moving yet inwardly exuberant.
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The Swimmer (1968) – Capture 1
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