Unica Zurn’s Visions

By snurfson / Posted on 17 July 2010

Zurn began writing after World War II, writing short stories and radio plays. In 1953 she met surrealist painter Hans Bellmer in Berlin. She moved with him to Paris, becoming his partner and model.

Together with Hans Bellmer, Unica Zurn frequented surrealist circles and befriended people such as Man Ray, Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues, Henri Michaux and Max Ernst. From 1957 onwards she suffered from depression and was treated at various clinics in France. One of her doctors was Gaston Ferdiere, a friend of the surrealists, who was also psychiatrist to Antonin Artaud. Her illness inspired much of her writing, above all Der Mann im Jasmin, written between 1963 and 1965.

She killed herself in 1970 by leaping from the window of the apartment she shared with Bellmer.

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    I hope this message finds you well.

    We saw that you wrote about Unica Zürn on your website & we thought you might be interested in our new show, Bound: Hans Bellmer & Unica Zürn, which you can view on our website http://www.ubugallery.com. Please feel free to contact us should you want any additional info or high-res images of the show.

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    • snurfson says,

      Dear Amelia,

      Thank you for getting in touch with us and letting us know about the show. We would have loved seeing the show since we find the works of Unica Zürn & Hans Bellmer quite extraordinary and awe inspiring.

      We wish you all the success with the show.

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