Es muss sein!

By skiour / Posted on 29 January 2011

A short weekend playlist, dedicated to the defiance against whatever dominates and directs our lives.

Stop doing what is expected or is demanded but what you think is right.

Stop playing the role you were given. Take one step back and out of the circle. Doubt everything, follow nothing blindly. The sleeper awakens.

The only noble toil is under nature and love.
Re-emancipation of humanity: «Es muss sein!»

[audio:http://www.xelidoni.com/content/audio/Meg_Baird_-_Do_What_You_Gotta_Do.mp3|titles=Do What You Gotta Do|artists=Meg Baird]

«Do what you got to do.»

[audio:http://www.xelidoni.com/content/audio/Radio_Citizen_-_Dust.mp3|titles=Dust|artists=Radio Citizen] [audio:http://www.xelidoni.com/content/audio/Philippe_Sarde_-_La_chanson_de_Helene.mp3|titles=La chanson de Helene|artists=Philippe Sarde]




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